We Are All The Same

Have you ever watched Austin Powers? Do you remember that part in the movie where Dr. Evil says “we are not so different you and i”. They are both Different actually. Austin is attempting to save the world and Dr. Evil is attempting to Destroy the world.

But…….. They both are human beings.

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They Both have a Mind.



They Both have Emotions .



They Both have a different Story.

Reflection of Yin Yang.

Cant Have Light Without Dark.

Everybody can also have

2 Step Technique To Defeating Anexity & Energy Loss

The Harsh feeling of overwhelmening stress can be Deadly and sometimes unbearable. This 2 Step Method will destroy your aniexty and energy loss. It is a pshcological and physical method that is spirtual as well.


Step 1

Do the national anthem pose and put your hand on your heart. Take 3 Deep breaths while your hand is on your heart.

Step 2

Step in front of your mirror and focus your attention on your heart. Visualize your heart relaxing and calming. Watch how your body looks while you breath. Then back to your heart. And do this for a couple of minutes and you should feel more relaxed then before.






ADHD: A Man-Made Disorder

ADHD is being diagnosed now more so then ever before, ADHD is listed as “the abnormal defect of moral control”,

I believe this is from childhood parenting and now technology.

think of a baby as a blank sheet of paper and the parents are in charge of that paper, and what goes on that paper. you must see where i am going with this, parents do form their child’s early habits and behaviors, this in which inhabits the babys personality and character. As time goes on these habits will get stronger and stronger depending on what the parents teach, act, or do around the child. The younger the more impressionable they are. As the child gets older they start to form their own decisions based off their moral code. If the parents disrupted the child’s moral values the child will have a great mental battle to change those moral values.

On the other hand, I think technology is creating ADHD through its many distractions and its convince to us as human beings. We have great technology that makes everything faster and best of all easier, but i think convince is taking away our attention spans. Being bored isn’t fun all the time but when your bored it gives yourself reflection ti

me just quiet alone time with no distractions. If you have your phone you might become distracted by a phone call or a text message, and if the t.v. is on a commericial might catch your eye or a part in a epic movie. When you are alone with nothing t

o do you are precieved to reflect on things you would have never thought about

when busy or distracted.

We live very fast. Might it be time we slow down?

The thing that separates a brain from a computer is that if you don’t continue to use certain skills they begin to drift. I think ADHD is not just a disorder but a worldwide epidemic that will soon get larger and larger. Being fo

cused is being able to think about one thing at a time……with all the distractions in ones life it is a challenge to keep the mind in check.

other studies support that message and brand “exposure” can range from 3,000 to 20,000 times. Those higher numbers not only include ads, but also include every time you pass by a label in a grocery store, all the ads in your mailbox whether you see them or not, the label on everything you wear, the condiments in your fringe, the cars on the highway, etc.

ADHD Symptoms

  • Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
    (Examples: messy, disorganized work; poor time management)
  • Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to participate in tasks requiring sustained mental effort, like schoolwork or homework
  • Often loses things like school materials or, if older, wallets, keys, eyeglasses, and mobile phones
  • Often easily distracted
  • Often forgetful in daily activities such as chores
    • Often makes careless mistakes and lacks attention to details
      (Examples: overlooking or missing details or handing in work that’s inaccurate)
    • Often has difficulty paying attention to tasks or while playing
      (Examples: difficulty remaining focused during class, conversations, or lengthy readings)
    • Often seems to not listen when spoken to directly
      (Example: mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of obvious distraction)
    • Often fails to follow through on instructions, schoolwork, or chores
      (Example: starts tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily sidetracked)
    • Often fidgets with or taps hands and feet or squirms in seat
    • Often leaves seat when remaining seated is expected
      (Example: leaves their place in the classroom or in other situations that require remaining seated)
    • Often runs or climbs where it is inappropriate or feels restless
    • Often unable to play quietly or, if older, struggles to participate in leisurely activities
    • Often acts as if “on the go” or “driven by a motor”
      (Example: is unable or uncomfortable being still for an extended time, as in restaurants)
    • Often talks excessively

Soul music

This Bamboo flute has resonated with me, it sounds amazing. It’s as if im healing when i hear this music. I call it soul music…. much of music that i


listen to is hiphop and generally most of hiphop is self centered music and holds an abundance of ideas and veiws that the artist say. Instrumental music on the other hand gives you slience and thinking sounds….. A perfect way to get away from the world……

As we all need a break sometimes

Listen to Bamboo Flute by Adham Safena II

Her poem


You bring something to the table

no one has, versatile personality

you make your goals into reality,

and your beautiful body with your

beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile and

them sexy thighs you are infinite

when we make a connection,

You like to talk might i mention

While i pay my attention I catch

Your drift and continue the swift

conversation that leads to pure

amazment as we want to have more

of each others entertainment, your bad

while your sayin it and your good well

your playing with it


☝😋😋😋😋 A Poem

How your habits are everything and creating your own luck

I have had a big wake up call listening to podcasts. I was listening to a podcast on how habits are basically equal to your success. The things you partake in everyday dictate where you will be in years ahead. A good-habits-bad-habitshabit is your tendency and practices that you frequently do, especially that are hard to give up. what makes up your personality are your habits. Notice that the people you associate yourself with most likely have common habits you do or things you like. Weather these people are good or bad for you is something that needs to be taken serious.

A good way to establish your habits is to look at them in a productive way and see which ones benefit you the most. Knowing your strengths and weakness is a smart way for you to strive ahead of the game because you could focus on things your good at and progressively make them better. For all those who are trying to strive to get better at their habits you know that this takes time to make real progress to elevate your game. That’s why i want to assure you that the attention you spend on something is your currency. Like they say time is money and you don’t got a second to waste it well same goes with your attention what you focus on with your time is also money. Think about it, the more time you play football the better player you will become, the more time you spend exercising the bigger you get. The more reps you put into something your bound to get a better output. Now I am not saying to just focus solely on one thing your whole life but pick a couple things you like and delegate your time to each of those. Choose things you like and are interested in because it would suck spending time on things you truly do not care about. Honestly in today’s society most people choose careers based on the amount of money they will earn opposed to what they like. I understand that money is a necessity and that we all need it, but at the same time don’t let that one factor(money) dictate your choice.

Your habits can actually make you a lucky person. Some people don’t believe in luck and some do which is understandable because it is a widely known idea that you have no control over your luck that its uncontrollable, but perhaps you do. The definition of luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. I heard of a study on a TED TALK forgot which college did the study, but studies shown that the more you believe you are a go lucky person the more it will happen to you. It’s simply because your looking for it when others that don’t believe it are not. This relates to what i stated in the last paragraph that attention is your currency the more you seek for luck the more likely you will find it. The more you DO the more chances you will have at big opportunities.

I could go on and on but i suggest this video to you to learn more!

Fashion: What You Don’t Know About It

I am pleased to start a blog of my own and so i am just going to jump into it!

I had happened to spend time going on to Netflix and I came across a documentary called The True Cost which has shed light behind the curtains and reveals to us what the process of our clothing goes through. Have you ever wondered where your clothing really comes from and how it is made? I honestly never gave it much thought until I watched this documentary. What caught my attention in this documentary the most was the damage done to people and our environment due to the high increase in production. Farmers were forced to use pesticides and chemicals to keep up with the demand of the market,so no bugs or weeds would create problems during harvest as they do. It turns out that we are contaminating our lands and water with the use of these chemicals at a great pace, which is causing farmers to get cancer and villagers around these farms. People are dying and majorly being affected because the fashion industry which in my eyes is inhuman. A lot of this has to do with the way our world works and this my friends is money. We Americans can be completely oblivious to the impact money has on the world and that idiotic idea that materials can bring true happiness.  They talk about much more stuff but………..

Its 2:27am so I am just gonna say watch it you won’t regret it! Goodnight Friends.

Full Documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zH8TfIvIpQ

true cost